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Published: 01 November 2023

EUF ECO AwardOur Earth's oceans are home to some of the world's most incredible animals, including many endangered creatures threatened by rising sea temperatures, changing pH levels and plastic waste. To conserve these remarkable species, it is crucial to look for cruelty-free sustainable diving experiences that prioritize animal welfare.

That's why every year the European Underwater Federation (EUF) awards a prize to a project that highlights the relationship between recreational diving and environmental protection. The aim is to give the submitted projects the opportunity to reach a larger audience.

The EUF Eco Project aims to encourage divers, diving schools and organizations or federations involved in diving to encourage all initiatives to promote environmental awareness in the diving community.

Submit your project for a chance to receive recognition from the EUF, including publicity and promotion through the EUF website, social media and other channels, and a cash prize of €1000!

Visit the EUF website for more information about the competition and to register.

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