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logo cr site 500The WOSD course “Confined Ranger” is the “beginners” scuba diving course for children.

Travel with Lex and Sandra who when on holiday, have the opportunity to follow a dive course at a WOSD dive centre. Share their adventures and learn about the beauty and wonders of the underwater world as you learn the basics of scuba diving in a swimming pool or confined water..

The “Confined Ranger” course consists of the following sections:

CR vissenTheoretical Knowledge:
In this section you learn how dive equipment works and what requirements dive equipment must meet. You are also taught how the body reacts in an underwater environment and of course, safety both underwater at the waters edge is covered in detail.

Practical Skills:
In this section you are introduced to scuba equipment and learn how to dive in the safety and comfort of a swimming pool.

• Minimum 8 years of age;
• Competent swimmer;
• Approved medical Statement;
• Signed Certificate of Understanding.

Authorized to:
• Dive with scuba equipment in a swimming pool or confined water;
• Dive to a maximum depth of 2 metres;
• Dive only under the direct supervision of an 'Autonomous Diver' (Diver Level 2) or higher who has reached the age of majority that applies in the country where the dive is conducted;
• The “Autonomous Diver” may only accompany one Confined Ranger.