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Logo EANL1Unfortunately the maximum duration of any dive is limited. How often does it happen that you are exploring a great wreck or admiring the wonderful life forms on a coral reef when your dive computer indicates that it is time to end the dive to prevent exceeding the non-decompression dive limit?

Diving with an enriched air nitrox breathing gas mixture enables the maximum dive duration to be safely extended without the dive becoming a decompression dive. Enriched air nitrox has been in use since the 1950’s. It was used mainly by professional divers, but using this breathing gas also offers major benefits for recreational divers.

During the WOSD TECHNICAL specialty course, ‘Enriched Air Nitrox Diver Level 1’, you learn how to dive safely using enriched air nitrox with a maximum of 40% oxygen.

The WOSD TECHNICAL specialty course, ‘Enriched Air Nitrox Diver Level 1’, is comprised of the following sections:

Foto EANL1Theoretical knowledge:
In In this section you learn exactly what enriched air nitrox is and how you can calculate the maximum dive depth and corresponding dive time limits for each gas in an enriched air nitrox mixture. The safety aspects of diving with enriched air nitrox will be covered in detail and you will learn how to obtain and test nitrox.

Practical Skills:
In this part of the course, you will dive in an open water location, under the guidance of a WOSD Instructor, putting all that you have learned into practice. The dives will be conducted using various gas mixtures.

• Certified WOSD 'Autonomous Diver' (Diver Level 2) equivalent;
• Minimum 14 years of age;
• Competent swimmer;
• Medical Statement;
• Signed Certificate of Understanding.

Authorised to:
• Conduct non-decompression dives using enriched air nitrox equipment;
• May dive together with another 'Enriched Air Nitrox Diver' or higher, as long as one of the divers has reached the age of majority that applies in the country where the dive is conducted.

This WOSD course is ISO 11107 certified. This means that this WOSD course meets the highest international standards for quality and safety.