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Logo ICEL1Ice Diving. Dive locations where you can ice dive are limited and often the season is short. Diving under ice is spectacular. The light has a strange intensity, there are no longer any shadows and if the sun is shining, you will be surprised by spectrum of colour in the rays that shine through the ice, with the ice acting as a prism.

Ice Diving is categorised as “penetration diving”, along with wreck diving and cave diving. Penetration dives are dives during which it is not possible to make a direct ascent to the surface. There is usually just one, or sometimes two, exits through which the diver can return safely to the surface. As such, extensive planning is required and extra rules need to be adhered to. Thorough preparation and tight discipline are essential for ice diving.

In the WOSD specialty course “Ice Diver - Level 1”, you learn how to safely dive under the ice. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the WOSD “Ice Diver - Level 1” certification.

The WOSD “Ice Diver - Level 1” course consists of the following:

Foto ICEL1Theoretical knowledge:
In the section you learn hole-cutting procedures, how to cover a hole in the ice after the dive, entering and exiting the water through the hole and basic ice diving techniques. Of course, additional safety aspects will also be covered.

Practical skills:
In this session you will, together with your instructor, dive under ice, using the skills that you learnt in the theory section. You will practice various techniques which are essential to dive safely under ice.

• Certified WOSD 'Autonomous Diver' (Diver Level 2) or equivalent;
• Certified WOSD/DAN "Basic Life Support Provider" or equivalent;
• Certified WOSD/DAN "Oxygen provider" or equivalent;
• Certified WOSD "Rescue Diver" or equivalent;
• Minimum 16 years of age;
• Competent Swimmer;
• Approved Medical Statement;
• Signed Statement of Understanding.