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Onderwater NavigatorEvery diver basically just wants to be underwater and to enjoy the underwater flora and fauna or other dive sites such as a wreck. Unfortunately we have a limited air supply and dive time and we often have to end a dive earlier that we would ideally like to. The last thing we want to do is waste time underwater searching for the dive site, so that there is even less time to enjoy the dive. By utilizing navigation techniques, we are more aware of our location underwater and therefore able to determine which direction to swim in. As a result we can quickly find the site where we want to dive and therefore enjoy the dive to the full.

In the WOSD specialty course 'Underwater Navigator', you can learn how to navigate, easily and safely, using both natural objects and compass techniques. Following successful completion of the course, you will become a certified "Underwater Navigator" and will receive the WOSD Underwater Navigator certification card.

The WOSD course "Underwater Navigator" is comprised of the following modules:

Magnetische aardzonesTheoretical knowledge:
In this part of the course you learn how to use natural objects combined with a dive compass, to navigate effectively underwater. You will also learn how to use triangulation to locate a specific object. Additional analogue and digital tools are also covered.

Practical skills:
In this part of the course during open water dives, you will, together with your instructor, practice the techniques covered in the theory section.

• Certified WOSD 'Supervised Diver' (Diver Level 1) or equivalent;
• Minimum 12 years of age;
• Competent Swimmer;
• Approved Medical Statement;
• Signed Statement of Understanding.