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Logo DL2The upgrade program from WOSD “Level 1 - Supervised Diver” to “Level 2 – Autonomous Diver” has been especially developed for divers who want to take the next step and explore the underwater independently. He or she can dive together with another Level 2 diver or higher, without being led by an experience dive leader.

Because the requirements are higher than for a “Level 1 – Supervised Diver”, the theoretical and practical sections are more detailed.

The “Level 2 – Autonomous Diver upgrade” course consists of the following sections:

Theoretical Knowledge:
In this section, the trainee will learn how to use the WOSD dive planner so that he or she can independently plan dives, calculating the safe dive time and depth limits. The trainee will also learn how a compass works and how to navigate underwater using natural navigation techniques and a dive compass. In addition, the trainee will learn how to inspect and maintain dive equipment.

Foto DL2UPractical Skills:
In this section the trainee will, together with a WOSD Instructor, dive in a swimming pool or confined water to learn some more advanced dive skills than in the Level 1 course. Some Level 1 skills will also be repeated.

Open Water Skills:
In this part you exercise alll the skills one more time, along with your diving instructor. In addition, you will learn some navigation skills and will make some deeper dives than you was allowed to during the 'supervised diver' certification.

• Certified as a WOSD “Level 1 – Supervised Diver” or equivalent;
• Minimum 14 years of age;
• Competent swimmer;
• Medical Statement;
• Signed Certificate of Understanding.

Authorized to:
• Carry out non-decompression dives with Scuba equipment;
• Dive to a maximum depth of 20 metres;
• May dive together with a “Level 2 – Autonomous Diver” or higher, as long as one of the divers has reached the age of majority that applies in the country where the dive is conducted.