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Logo DL2The WOSD 'Autonomous Diver' course is a complete diver training course, ideal for those wishing to explore the underwater world independently. He or she can, together with an autonomous diver buddy or higher, enjoy the beauty of the underwater world without supervision.

Because the requirements are higher than for a 'Supervised Diver', the theoretical section is more detailed. This is because an 'Autonomous Diver' must be able to calculate the safe dive time limits for specific depths and ensure that he or she keeps within those limits.

The WOSD “Autonomous Diver” course consists of the following sections:

Theoretical Knowledge:
In this section, the trainee will learn how dive equipment functions and what the minimum requirements are. In addition, he or she will learn the effects of an underwater environment on the body and what the time and depth limits are, which must be adhered to in order to dive safely. Safety aspects, both on the water front and underwater are covered in detail.

Foto DL2Practical Skills:
In this section the trainee will, together with a WOSD Instructor, dive in a swimming pool or confined water to learn how to use dive equipment and how to behave in an underwater environment.

Open Water Skills:
In this section, the trainee will not actually learn anything new, but will demonstrate that he or she can put all the acquired knowledge and skills into practice. Under guidance of a WOSD instructor in an open water environment, the trainee will repeat the skills that were learnt during the 'Practical Skills' section. The trainee will experience the freedom and weightlessness of the breath-taking underwater world.

• Minimum 14 years of age;
• Competent swimmer;
• Medical Statement;
• Signed Certificate of Understanding.

Authorized to:
• Carry out non-decompression dives with Scuba equipment;
• Dive to a maximum depth of 20 metres;
• May dive together with an 'Autonomous Diver' or higher, as long as one of the divers has reached the age of majority that applies in the country where the dive is conducted.

This WOSD course is ISO 24801-2 certified. This means that this WOSD course meets the highest international standards for quality and safety.

For WOSD divers certified as a 'Supervised Diver', there is a special WOSD “upgrade” course so that they can become an 'Autonomous Diver'.