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Logo IL1Logo DL3Cross-over courses are available for Dive Instructors from other recognised dive organisations, wishing to become certified WOSD Dive Instructors.

Each WOSD cross-over course is customised and adapted to suit the needs and experience of each individual cross-over candidate. In this way, the cross-over candidate does not need to cover material in which he or she is already competent, but will concentrate only on new information that is necessary for them to become a certified WOSD Dive Instructor.

Logo STAFFLogo IL2The WOSD Cross-over course will typically cover the following:
– The WOSD Standards and Procedures;
– The ISO standards;
– The WOSD courses and course charts;
– The WOSD Digital Learning System (D-learning);
– Teaching dive theory and practical skills using a modular didactical system;
– The WOSD Dive Planner;
– The WOSD (diving) skills;
– The member area of the WOSD web site;
– The Instructor area of the WOSD web site.

• Have reached the age of majority that applies in the country where the cross-over course is conducted;
• Competent swimmer;
• Medical Statement approved by a physician (no more than one year old);
• Signed Certificate of Understanding;
• At least 120 logged dives (excluding training dives);
• Certified active status Dive Instructor with a recognised organisation;
• Certified Underwater Navigator;
• Certified Night Diver;
• Certified (Multi-level) Deep Diver;
• Certified Equipment Specialist;
• Certified Rescue Diver;
• Certified Emergency First Aid including CPR;
• Certified Oxygen Provider.

* Because the WOSD courses have been developed following the guidelines in the ISO standards, depending upon the desired WOSD certification level, it may be necessary for the cross-over candidate to follow additional courses to obtain the required certifications prior to becoming a certified WOSD Dive Instructor.

Authorized to:
Upon successful completion of the WOSD cross-over course, dependant upon the level of previously obtained certifications, the cross-over candidate will be certified as a WOSD Instructor at an appropriate level. For a detailed overview of the various levels refer to the appropriate WOSD instructor level.