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Logo DLTECTechnical diving is a discipline in itself. If you want to assist in it, then you need to have the proper knowledge of the potential of technical diving. A WOSD Dive Leader may therefore pass for the WOSD certificate "Technical Dive Leader '. This certification is an additional recognition for a WOSD Dive Leader who wants to assist in the technical part of the WOSD courses.

This certification is a sign that the WOSD dive leader has developed extensive training and experience in the main technical (diving) specialties. If the WOSD ' technical dive leader ' is in Active status, he/she may assist a WOSD Technical instructor in the technical specialties of which he/she has a certification.

The WOSD ' Technical Dive Leader ' is not a specific specialty training, but is a process in which knowledge and experience are brought at a high level.

In order to apply for a WOSD 'Technical Dive Leader ' certification, the following pre-requisites must be met:
• Certified as a WOSD ‘Dive Leader or equivalent;
• Certified in at least 4 WOSD technical specialty certifications;
• Certified as a DAN 'Basic Life Support Provider' or equivalent;
• Certified as a DAN 'Oxygen Provider' or equivalent;
• Certified as a WOSD 'Rescue Diver' or equivalent;
• Minimum 18 years of age;
• Competent Swimmer;
• Approved Medical Examination;
• Signed Certificate of Understanding.