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Logo DL3The WOSD 'Dive Leader' course is the first 'professional' certification in the WOSD range of courses. Following completion of this course, a WOSD 'Dive Leader' may assist an instructor during courses and may also independently train and certify snorkel divers. In addition a 'Dive Leader' may conduct supervised dives for 'Supervised Divers' and higher.

Therefore this course focuses primarily on management, didactic skills and control during (diver) training. The trainee is also taught how to run snorkel courses and how to supervise certified divers. A WOSD 'Dive Leader' is a professional who is invaluable throughout the world.

The WOSD "Dive Leader" course consists of the following sections:

Foto DL3Theoretical Knowledge:
In this part of the course, you learn the additional theoretical knowledge that is also required to become a WOSD Instructor. The WOSD system is covered in detail, as are medical and technical related aspects of diving. You also learn the basic methods required for teaching theory and practical lessons.

Practical Skills:
In this section of the course, the in-water skills of the WOSD ‘Dive Leader’ are perfected, including basic dive skills and diver rescue techniques. Also the mental and physical capacity of the WOSD ‘Dive Leader’ candidate to carry out diver training and escorted dives safely, is evaluated.

Of course, it is extremely important to ensure that the WOSD ‘Dive Leader’ candidate is able to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the course, in practice. To this end, the candidate is required to assist during a complete primary course and a complete speciality course. The WOSD Dive Leader candidate will also receive a number of assignments and is expected to organise and execute these independently.

• Minimum 17 years of age. (Must have reached the age of majority that applies in the country where diver training courses will be run);
• Competent swimmer;
• Medical Statement approved by a physician (no more than one year old);
• Signed Certificate of Understanding;
• At least 60 logged dives (excluding training dives);
• Certified in the WOSD speciality 'Underwater Navigator' or equivalent;
• Certified in the WOSD speciality 'Night Diver' or equivalent;
• Certified in the WOSD speciality 'Multi-level Deep Diver' or equivalent;
• Certified in the WOSD speciality 'Equipment Specialist' or equivalent;
• Certified in the WOSD/DAN speciality 'Basic Life Support' or equivalent;
• Certified in the WOSD/DAN speciality 'Oxygen Provider' or equivalent;
• Certified in the WOSD speciality 'Rescue Diver' or equivalent.

Authorized to:
• Carry out non-decompression dives with Scuba equipment;
• Dive to a maximum depth of 40 metres;
• Conduct supervised dives with up to 4 WOSD 'Supervised Divers' (or equivalents);
• Conduct supervised dives with WOSD 'Autonomous divers' and higher (or equivalents);
• Train and certify trainees for the WOSD 'Snorkel Diver' course;
• Assist a WOSD Instructor.

This WOSD course is ISO 24801-3 certified. This means that this WOSD course meets the highest international standards for quality and safety.