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Logo IAHD instructeurIf you want to go diving and you have a physical or mental limitation, you want to educate in this or you want it assisting/Guide, then there are the courses of the IAHD (International Association for Handicapped Divers). IAHD is an independent, autonomous subsidiary of WOSD.

IAHD gives people with physical and/or mental disabilities the option to learn to dive under the guidance of professional, well-trained instructors to give you an unforgettable underwater experience.

IAHD dive courses for disabled divers basically have the same content as comparable courses for able-bodied divers. However, the Instructor needs to adapt his or her methods in order to give the trainee the best opportunity to learn the required theory and skills.

The additional techniques that are required to achieve this are taught during the IAHD instructor courses. You also experience how it is to have to live with a disability, so that you can better understand that challenges that your trainees face. During these courses you learn about the types of physical and mental disabilities that you may come across, what special attention is required for specific disabilities, how you can integrate an IAHD course with a specific disability and how to use the IAHD certification procedures.

IAHD also has special cross-over courses for diving professionals. By following these courses, Dive Leaders, Assistant Instructors and Instructors from recognized diving organizations can gain IAHD Instructor level certification, for accompanying and/or training disabled divers.

More info on the youth courses of IAHD is available on the website of IAHD (http://www.iahd.org/opleidingen/instructeur-courses).