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Logo IAHD basisopleidingenIf you want to go diving and you have a physical or mental limitation, you want to educate in this or you want it assisting/Guide, then there are the courses of the IAHD (International Association for Handicapped Divers). IAHD is an independent, autonomous subsidiary of WOSD.

IAHD gives people with physical and/or mental disabilities the option to learn to dive under the guidance of professional, well-trained instructors to give you an unforgettable underwater experience.

The primary IAHD courses are entry-level courses that have been developed specifically for people with physical or mental disabilities who have little or no experience in the underwater world.  Every course is adapted for each individual trainee to meet their level of knowledge of dive theory and their specific physical abilitiest.

The so called "Partner-Level" system applies to all IAHD primary courses. During the course, it is determined exactly what the trainee can and can not do and this determines the number of divers and their required certification levels that are required to escort the disabled diver. This method ensures that virtually all people with physical or mental disabilities can become an internationally certified diver and enjoy diving safely.

More info on the youth courses of IAHD is available on the website of IAHD (http://www.iahd.org/opleidingen/primary-courses).