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We regularly receive questions about WOSD, about our courses and our training system.

To don't let you wait too long, we have listed the most frequently asked questions below with the corresponding answer.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us via our contact form.

Who can follow WOSD courses?

Almost anybody with a normal health can follow a WOSD course. Of course, there are specific pre-requisites for each course.

Why would you follow a WOSD course?

Because you (free) time is fully yours. With the WOSD system you do not have to spend long, mandatory hours in a classroom. You study when and where you wish so you can directly participate in the practical sessions ... and for that you take the course, isn't it?

What is the duration of a WOSD course?

All WOSD courses focus on the achievements of the trainee. As a result, minimum and maximum course durations have not been set. All theoretical and practical learning objectives have been clearly defined. The duration of a WOSD course is therefore dependant on the time it takes for a trainee to meet each learning objective.

Are WOSD courses officially recognised?

WOSD works comform the guidelines as defined in the latest European (CEN) and international (ISO) standards. As a result, WOSD courses are recognized worldwide.

How much does a WOSD course cost?

Compared to other recreational sports, WOSD courses are not expensive. The cost of a primary dive course is about as much as a weekend golf lesson or two days of sailing.

What do I need for a WOSD course?

Very little. All theory materials are provided to you prior to commencing the course. The equipment required for practical sessions is also provided, so generally, the only additional items you need are swimwear and a towel..