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"I put my head under water and lose all my worries."

This is a statement by Gerard Oijnhausen and almost all scuba divers will agree with this. That relaxed feeling and the feeling of weightlessness underwater makes scuba diving a sport unique in its kind.

In addition the Earth consists for more than 70% of water. Because of this, there is plenty to explore in the underwater world. Do you know for example that there are more different kinds of life underwater in comparison with above water?

Some points which makes scuba diving so much fun:

  • The weightlessness - a feeling that further only astronauts can experience;
  • Relaxing and soothing - haste and speed are not there under water;
  • Escape from the daily hustle and bustle - no telephone, mail or Internet that you can disturb;
  • The fantastic nature of the underwater world - no dive is the same;
  • Huge variety of marine life - there are more different species of plants and animals below the surface than on land;
  • Social - scuba diving is always done with at least two people.

Diving is wonderful. You have to experience it!