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Our body is not made to be in an environment where there is no oxygen. Scuba equipment ensures that we can not only breathe under water, but also can see, can move, not getting cold, etc. Scuba equipment are thus the resources needed to be safe and controlled in an underwater environment.

What is important in diving equipment?

About everyone has a different opinion on this. One will find the price important, the other how it looks.
Everyone, however, agree that:

  • Scuba equipment should sit comfortably;
  • Must be customised at the place and type of diving you are planning to make.

Of what consists your dive equipment?

The diving equipment consists of at least:

  • Mask - to see underwater;
  • Snorkel - in order to be able to breathe while you head is under water when you are on the surface;
  • Fins - to propel without much effort underwater;
  • Suit - to withstand the temperature and for some protection against the underwater life;
  • Scuba unit - to be able to breathe underwater.
    A scuba unit at least consist of:
    • Scuba cylinder - for the storage of your breathing gas;
    • BCD - to control your buoyancy;
    • Regulator - to breathe the breathing gas out of your scuba cylinder;
    • Diving instruments - to control the most important dive data;
    • Weight belt - to be able to go underwater.

In addition, many additional materials can be used as a gear bag, dive lights, dive computer, camera, etc.

Is diving equipment expensive?

Not necessarily. You can make it as expensive as you want, but the prices of diving equipment can be compared to other similar sports. When purchasing it sometimes looks to be more, but generally you can also use it much longer than materials of similar sports.

Where do I purchase the scuba gear?

When purchasing scuba equipment it is important that you do this at authorized dealers. Not only will you know that you get the correct information, but also that you are entitled to warranty and service. In the event that your equipment will no longer function properly you can appeal to the worldwide authorised network of the relevant brand. The cost of repairs may otherwise rise unnecessarily high and compensation schemes are not accepted.

Ask your instructor or dive center which dive equipment for your level and type of diving is right and let you inform about the advantages and disadvantages of the various dive brands.

Should I purchase all diving equipment at the start of the course?

No. At the primary courses the use of the diving equipment is usually already in the training. During these courses, you will learn what equipment is for your best so that you can buy later your own set of scuba equipment. During continuous courses it is often possible to rent scuba equipment if you don't have it yourself.